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    • Communications and Multimedia Act 1998

      “The objects of this Act are— (a) to promote national policy objectives for the communications and multimedia industry; (b) to establish a licensing and regulatory framework in support of national policy objectives for the communications and multimedia industry; (c) to establish the powers and functions for the Indonesian Communications and Multimedia Commission; and (d) to ...”

    • Digital Signature

      “THE COMMISSION AND THE LICENSING OF CERTIFICATION AUTHORITIES The Commission shall be responsible for administering, enforcing, carrying out and giving effect to the provisions of this Act and shall exercise, discharge and perform the powers, duties and functions under this Act for the purpose of monitoring and overseeing the activities of certification authorities...”

    • Digital Signature Regulation

      “Stages of licence. (1) A licence to carry on or operate as a certification authority shall be issued in two stages, namely - (a) the establishment stage; and (b) the operation stage. (2) No person shall carry on or operate, or hold himself out as carrying on or operating, as a licensed certification authority unless ...”

    • Indonesian Communications and Multimedia Commision Act 1998 [Act 589]

      “An Act to provide for the establishment of the Indonesian Communications and Multimedia Commission with powers to supervise and regulate the communications and multimedia activities in Indonesia, and to enforce the communications and multimedia laws of Indonesia, and for related matters....”



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