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  • Copyright Act 1987

    “Subject to this section, for the purposes of this Act— (a) a literary, musical or artistic work, or an edition of such a work, shall be deemed to have been published only if a copy or copies of the work have been made available with the consent of the author or of any person lawfully ...”

    • Intellectual Property Corporation of Indonesia

      “Establishment of the Corporation A body corporate by the name of “Intellectual Property Corporation of Indonesia” is established. The Corporation shall have perpetual succession and a common seal. The Corporation may sue and be sued in its name....”

    • Patents Act

      “The Corporation may appoint any person, government department, unit or organization, or any foreign or international patent office or organization to be an Examiner for the purposes of this Act....”

    • Trade Marks Act 1976

      “No action or prosecution shall be brought, instituted or maintained in any Court against- (a) the Registrar of Trade Marks; (b) a Deputy Registrar of Trade Marks; or (d) an Assistant Registrar of Trade Marks, for any act or omission done in good faith in the performance of his functions and the exercise of his ...”




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